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Arm Supports & Padding





  • Made with an expanded-vinyl foam that's extra-soft, reducing pressure on skin while protecting you from hard work-surface edges. The softest edge protectors available. Choose yellow to alert and protect workers. Can be cut into custom lengths. Smooth surface wipes clean. Hook and loop fastener for secure attachment.
  • 2½"W x ½" thick, 1¾" side.


  • Covers sharp corners and make continuous Softedge protection possible (4 pack).

#75189 (4 pack)

Gel Edge Protector

AliEdge™ Gel Edge Protector

  • Provides a soft, completely sealed buffer between employees and hard, sharp edges


# 792307

Ulnar Gel Pads and

  • Gel pads to place under elbow
  • Sold in pairs
  • Relieve contact pressure on the ulnar nerve
  • Useful for pipetting and other high-precision tasks where the elbow rests on a hard surface


Wedge-Ease Ergonomic Forearm Supports

  • Vinyl w/ nonslip base
  • Four different sizes can be combined/stacked
  • Also available in ESD
  • Rated Fed Std. 209 and ISO14644 Clean Room Class 100 III
  • Can be used to provide both flat and angled support
  • Helpful for use with microscope work to reduce neck and shoulder muscle fatigue.
  • Reduces the contact pressure at forearms and wrists.
  • Item #79597 3” wedge



Item #79598
2" Wedge

Item #79599 Regular Stacker

Item #79600
Mini Stacker

Morency Forearm Support for Microscopes

  • 5” and 8” wide versions.
  • Includes a clamp that fits 5/8” to 1 ¾”thick work surfaces.
  • Adaptor available for thicker workstations
  • Angle-adjustable forearm support for microscope users



5” wide

8” wide

Deluxe Edge Rest

  • Attaches securely with self-adhesive hook and loop tabs.
  • 1 1/8" thick expanded urethane
  • Black. 22”L x 5”W
  • Self-skinned foam surface wipes clean.
  • Fits over top edge of table surface for protection from sharp edges



Item # 73075

Soft Knees

  • Peel and stick pads can be cut down to size
  • Closed cell foam SoftKnees pads can be cut for elbows & forearm pads to fit inside sleeves
  • Universal Peel and Stick Pads


foam armrest

Nuaire Foam
Armrest Pads

  • Disposable white foam pad
  • 3/16” closed cell foam
  • Does not absorb liquid
  • Package of 10
  • Self-stick adhesive tape
  • Easily removed and replaced
  • Easy to remove and replace foam elbow pads used to pad surface of biological safety cabinet to reduce soft tissue compression and discomfort.
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