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Microscope Positioners & Adapters




Positioning Plate

  • Solid construction with non-skid surface
  • Weighted for stability
  • Positioning Plate = 11.5”L x 8.5”W x 2”H
  • Height adjustability between 2” to 2.75”
  • Promotes good posture during microscope work
  • The threaded leveling feet on the plate allow you to dial to an infinite number of heights and ergonomic positions.




Point-O-Care Adjustable Microscope Base

  • Large 14.5" x 8.5" powder coated steel plate will accept most all brands of microscope
  • Adjusts from 1" to 3"
  • Infinite number of heights and angles
  • Non-skid feet
  • Raise and/or tilt your microscope into the ergonomic position you need.
Medex Supply


Microscope Stands

  • Available for variety of models and applications
  • Adjustable height, tilt and horizontal positioning
  • Base or clamp mount
  • Used to position microscopes and microscope components to reduce eye and neck strain associated with prolonged microscope use. 
MicroScope World

(search “stands” under “accessories                                                                                                   ”)

Ergo Adapter

  • Adapter inserts between microscope binocular head and optics carrier
  • Simple locking knob adjusts microscope height
  • Height adjustment range of +3/4" to +5 inches
  • Can rotate 180º for left-or right-handed operation
  • Optical and mechanical alignments constant at any position or inclination angle
  • When work surfaces are set at elbow height to facilitate hand operations, the ErgoAdapter allows users to set the microscope's eyepiece height to achieve a good ergonomic neutral posture. Adjustability eliminates raised shoulders and bent necks, which can cause discomfort.
Bay Optical


Extended Eyetube Binocular

  • 90MM extension
  • Available as a new item or as a retrofit of existing binocular head (depending on the binocular model)
  • Can be combined with the ErgoAdapter and an Optical Wedge for greatly enhanced workstation flexibility
  • Extended Eyetube Binocular is an ergonomic device for use with quality stereomicroscopes. Its longer-than-standard eyetube length enables the microscope user to comfortably move back from the workstation, helping to relieve postural fatigue. Ideal for most microscopes, especially those used with machines, bonders, heated stages, solder stations, under hoods or anywhere operators are otherwise forced into a cramped viewing posture.
Bay Optical


Retrofit Kit:

Optical Wedge

  • Easily installed with self-aligning flanges
  • Offers a 0º or 90º in-line viewing angle
  • Maintains parfocality and optical alignments at any inclination angle
  • Adds new flexibility to microscope workstations.
  • 0º/90º Optical Wedge is positioned between the binocular head and the optics carrier.
  • It complements existing 45º binoculars, providing two additional viewing angles.
  • Costs less than half of a straight tube binocular and offers three times the flexibility.
Bay Optical



  • ISIS eyepieces allow you to work with your existing microscope, but more efficiently and accurately, with greater comfort and reduced fatigue, despite prolonged periods of use.

Vision Engineering

Flourescent Ring Light System

  • Your choice of 110v or 220v power supply
  • Inside diameter of ring is 60mm
  • Lamp life 1,500 hours
  • Color temperature 6500K
  • Lightweight, compact, and rugged, this ring illuminator provides 360 degrees of cool, white, shadow-free illumination. For use with EM Series stereo microscopes (adapter required).
Microscope World
# MA 305

Microscope Video System

  • Easy to attach to a microscope
  • Variety of magnifications available
  • Provides wider viewing area and increased working distance
  • Camera systems provide remote viewing of microscope image on computer monitor to eliminate awkward head and neck postures associated with viewing through an eyepiece. 
Scientific Device
# 8201

USB Digital Microscope
# ub005b000m
# ub0049000m
# ub003t000m

Meiji Graduated Mechanical Stage

  • Not intended for use with the KBL, PBH, ABH, ABE or ABZH stands.
  • Graduated mechanical stage for Meijji microscope to reduce awkward reaches required to position lab tissues and cells for observation.
  • Graduated mechanical stage for Meijji microscope to reduce awkward reaches required to position lab tissues and cells for observation.
Microscope World


  • Transparent acrylic
  • Adjustable height and slope
  • Removable bottom lip accommodates large documents and media (e.g., blueprints, x-rays).
  • Easily lifted and stored when not in use.
  • The Microdesk is an adjustable sloped writing platform for the keyboard work position. It enables easy access to the keyboard while working with papers and books. Prevents reaching and twisting as your papers are placed directly in front of you. Can be used to “stack” work to keep materials within close reach zone. 
Back Designs


# 14401-CM-00

# 14401-SP-00

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