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Storage Bins, Racks and Holders




Double Bin Storage

  • Flip-top Lids
  • Slide Resistant Rubber Feet
  • Each Bin: 6" x 5" x 6"
  • For Storing Microtubes, Pipet Tips or any Bulk Items
  • Angled openings
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Dispensing Bins

  • Flip top lids on the top and the front
  • Flip top lid for easy dispensing and filling
  • Slight overhang of lid allows one-hand access
  • Holds tube caps, cotton balls, pipette tips, analyzer cups.
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ML9541 (SM)
ML9542 (MED)
ML9540 (LG)

Pipette Holder

  • Size: 20" W x 5" H x 10" D
  • Accessible Storage of 1ml - 25ml Pipettes
  • Easy-to-Clean White Plastic
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Horizontally Mounted Under Shelf or Cabinet
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Pipette Holder

  • Accessible Storage of 1 ml to 25 ml Pipettes
  • Easy-to-clean White Plastic
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Can be Vertically Mounted on Side of Safety Cabinet or Laminar Airflow Hood

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Pipette Racks

  • 3.5” W x 11.5”D x 16”H
  • Tilted acrylic pipette rack with four angled compartments for easy retrieval of pipettes.
  • Constructed of durable acrylic.
  • Holds 0.1 to 25ml pipettes or cans and has small footprint.
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# ML2170

Turntable Workstations

  • Solid, chemical-resistant PVC, easy 360° rotation.
  • Available with one, two or three tiers.
  • Each tier has four 6 x 6" compartments.
  • Single or stacked turntable organizer can be used in deep cabinets, corners, or shared workstations to reduce reach and optimize storage

EF1120A – 1 tier
EF1120B – 2 tiers
EF1120 – 3 tiers

Deluxe Rotating Organizers

  • 12"L x 12"W x 9.25"H
  • Easy fingertip rotation for quick access to supplies
  • Extra large capacity within a small 1 square foot footprint
  • Built-in dispensers and compartments fit a wide variety of office and lab supplies
  • Constructed of durable acrylic
  • Turntable organizer can be used in corners or shared workstations to reduce reach and optimize storage
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Organization Station

  • 14"W x 11"D x 11"H
  • Customizable microscope organizer
  • Detached divider boxes allow you to customize your storage; simply attach them with double-sided foam tape included
  • Constructed of acrylic
  • For use with microscope work
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  • Various sizes available
  • Utilizes vertical space
  • Designed to fit over gas and water outlets or other protrusions
  • Cords and wire fit through space at lower back
  • Bin made of chemically-resistant polycarbonate to eliminate spill worries
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Laboratory Waste Bag

  • White bags are made of High Molecular Weight High Density (HMHD) Polyethylene which is steam autoclavable at 121ºC (250ºF).
  • Maximum weight of contents should not exceed 1.36 kg (3 lb.).
  • 2 sizes: 8x10” and 12x16”
  • Disposable waste bags with an adhesive strip across the top frees bench or hood space when hung from walls, cabinets, or virtually anywhere. Can reduce reaching. Peel off the backing and hang close to your work area. The back panel is longer than the front for easy opening.
Science Lab

# 60-131741008 (8x10” size)

# 60-131741012 (12x16” size)


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Autoclavable
  • Easily Cleaned and Sterilized
  • 12” Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Ball
  • Bearing Design
  • Brings work closer to the user to decrease reaching and allows more efficient use of space.
  • Can be used in biosafety cabinets.
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