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The software includes:
  • Automatic Setting Recommendations: Tailors settings of the program to your work pattern
  • Interventions: Pop-ups with messaging around ergonomics and well-being remind you to take a break, provide mental refreshment, and provide stretching exercises.  Additional options include shortcut key, email and time management information.
  • Display Settings: Allows you to choose which content you would like to view
  • Profile Settings: Allows you to choose the amount of assistance (interventions) you prefer
  • Feedback Tab: Provides feedback on your work habits and recommendations to work more comfortably and efficiently
  • Advanced Reports: Detailed statistics on your computer use

Below are instructions for installing the software. For more information about CtrlWORK, contact the Ergonomics Program at 2-3010.


NOTE: If you do not have administrator privileges, please submit an IT work order for assistance.  Reference this web page in your IT request.

1. If RSIGuard is still on your computer, you will need to uninstall it first.

If you have administrator privileges, click here to start the uninstall. Open the file (you may first need to save it). Choose "Run" when prompted.  Your list of installed programs will appear. Select RSI Guard Stretch Edition by clicking it and choose "Uninstall". Follow instructions on screen.

2. Click on the following link:

3. Provide your UC Employee ID# and select your organization. This information is needed to ensure that only UC personnel install the software.

4. Via email, CtrlWORK will send you the installation link to the download file.  Follow the installation instructions on the screen.


For additional information, refer to the installation manual

For more information, download the user manual. In addition, a help video is available in the "Help Tab" in the CtrlWORK menu. Open the menu by double clicking the icon in the right lower part of your screen.



AutoClicker installation

NOTE: If you do not have administrator privileges, please submit an IT work order for assistance.  Please reference this web page in your IT request.

If you use the AutoClick function of RSIGuard and would like to continue using a similar feature, please install the replacing AutoClicker program after installing CtrlWORK.

Auto Clicker is an automatic mouse-clicking utility designed to save your time. It is used to automate screen mouse clicks at specified intervals and any location on the screen.

1. Download AutoClicker by clicking here

2. Save the file in a location where you will remember

3. Double-click on the file

4. Open the installation manual

5. Follow the instructions of the installation manual


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