University of California, Riverside



Faculty and Staff

  • Participate in Ergo i-SEAT- UCR’s online ergonomic training program
  • Make adjustments to your workstation to promote good posture and increase your comfort
  • Vary your job tasks and positions throughout the day
  • Take stretch breaks every hour to increase your endurance and minimize fatigue and discomfort
  • Think before you lift, get help if necessary and follow safe lifting guidelines
  • Stay Fit and Eat Right!
  • Report work-related injuries to your supervisor promptly 

Supervisors and Managers

  • Be aware of ergonomic risks and prevention strategies
  • Evaluate the workplace
  • Provide ergonomic training to your staff
  • Provide ergonomically-designed furniture and tools
  • Implement ergonomic improvements
  • Promote a safe and healthy work environment in your department
  • Encourage regular stretch breaks
  • Incorporate task rotation into your department
  • Encourage staff to report symptoms early
  • Send employees for medical treatment
  • Respond to employee concerns
  • Implement work restrictions and job modifications
  • Seek assistance when necessary

More Information 

General Campus Information

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Department Information

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